Land Use, Developments, Licensing Quincy

Land Use, Developments, Licensing

Developing or expanding business at a property involves various legal issues that can be streamlined and pursued by an experienced real estate and licensing lawyer to ensure your rights are protected.

Our team of lawyers have proven experience to obtain local and state approvals from zoning, planning, and conservation authorities to develop or modify property on behalf of landowners and developers. Our firm has experience in many South Shore towns and coastal areas along eastern Massachusetts pursuing special permits, site plan approvals, wetlands permitting, and Chapter 91 waterways licensing. We also assist clients with defending their approved development projects in court and challenging overreaching conditions imposed by towns.

Our lawyers also regularly help clients to expand their businesses through liquor licensing and other licensing required by towns and cities. We combine years of experience and a depth of knowledge in real estate, corporate, and financing matters to help craft creative strategies to challenges.

These areas of practice include:

  • Obtaining development and licensing approvals
  • Challenging overreaching conditions in development approvals
  • Defending approved development projects
  • Comprehensive Permits (Chapter 40B Developments)
  • Protecting landowners’ property boundaries
  • Representing clients in title disputes
  • Purchase and sale of real estate
  • Liquor Licensing locally and with the ABCC
  • Chapter 91 Licensing & Wetland Protections Act Permitting

Our Land Use and Licensing Lawyers Team