Will your Estate lose Assets in Probate Court?

Trust & Estate Planning

Posted in on March 13, 2014

If you or a loved one should be involved in a contested estate, the result may be that there will not be an Executor to take care of important matters quickly causing a substantial loss of money. In one such case involving a multimillion dollar estate the Judge needed to appoint a probate attorney with particular expertise to administer such an estate. The Judge appointed Christopher J. Sullivan as Special Administrator based on his experience and expertise. Attorney Sullivan initially was to focus solely on a particular emergency issue, however he immediately recognized several other more important issues such as the estate tax return was past due and accumulating interest and penalties, the decedent had not filed personal income tax returns, and the decedent was owed over a million dollars in outstanding promissory notes. Attorney Sullivan immediately informed the Judge and the attorneys of the outstanding issues. The Judge expanded Attorney Sullivan’s fiduciary duties granting him the authority to address all issues and ultimately save the estate and its intended beneficiaries a considerable sum of money. At Baker, Braverman & Barbadoro, P.C. our attorneys are skilled at looking past the obvious facts and revealing all the issues in order to accomplish the best possible result for our clients.