What Do Real Estate Lawyers Do?

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Posted in on January 19, 2016

Real estate lawyers typically serve in one of two functions: as a litigator in court or as an administrator of and advisor to the legal aspects of real estate transactions. As litigators, real estate lawyers may represent financial institutions or the debtors themselves. They represent the parties in a court setting, with the ultimate goals of reaching an agreement to modify terms of a mortgage, halt the foreclosure procedure, or handle cases of default on a loan. Real estate lawyers, like other lawyers, negotiate on behalf of their clients in order to reach a beneficial settlement and to minimize potential losses. Real estate lawyers also often aid in the disputes between landlords and tenants over issues including evictions, disputes over lease agreements,  trespass disputes and potentially, injuries that arise on the property.

Real estate lawyers assist in the purchase and sale of residential and commercial real estate. Real estate lawyers administer the legal aspects of the real estate transaction, including preparing contracts and purchase agreements, conducting title searches, and registering legal documents on behalf of their clients.  A significant factor of a real estate lawyer’s job includes performing due diligence. They determine whether there are liens or charges assessed on a property, ensure that taxes and maintenance fees are appropriately paid, and review legal documents pertaining to purchase and sale,  such as promissory notes, bills of sale, and deeds. Real estate lawyers also review loan documents and contracts with the ultimate goal of protecting their client’s legal and financial interests.

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Real estate lawyers can also assist in the realm of property management and with condomiunium associations. They serve as beneficial counterparts to a property manager in order to manage conflict and facilitate buying and selling transactions. Our Quincy Real estate lawyers handle disputes that result between property managers and their tenants and serve as advisors with regard to legal documentation for the property. Real estate lawyers often write and re-write contracts for tenants in order to protect the interests of the property’s landlord, and assist in the event that a tenant wants to terminate a lease prior to the lease expiration date. Real estate lawyers assist in title searches on properties by either facilitating the search with a title company or performing it themselves. Real estate lawyers may choose to pursue a specialization in one or more areas, including land use, foreclosure, or property development. Real estate lawyers typically also have a strong knowledge of environmental issues and insurance as these relate to their real estate clients and transactions.  Environmental issues can include water rights, soil rights and septic regulations.

The real estate attorneys at Baker, Braverman & Barbadoro, P.C. in Quincy MA can assist with all aspects of real estate law. Tenants, property managers, investors, buyers, sellers and many other parties involved in real property transactions have depended on the expertise and resources of the real estate lawyers at Baker, Braverman & Barbadoro, P.C.  to assist them in making beneficial, legal, and well-informed real estate decisions.  Please contact one of our real estate lawyers today for assistance at (781) 848-9610.