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Contractor Avoids Liability On An Ambiguous Contract

When a contractor entered into what he believed to be a straightforward contract with a Home Builder for site work relative to the construction of a single family residential home, the contractor ultimately had to seek the services of Attorney Lisa Bond after he was sued for damages. The contract at issue was on a

Nursing Home Costs

Did you know that a Nursing Home in Massachusetts could cost you over $11,000 per month? How fast would that use up your lifetime savings or the assets you were planning on leaving to your children? With proper planning you may be able to save all that money for your spouse and your heirs! With

Another Good Reason to Purchase Owner’s Title Insurance

When purchasing property, there are many reasons to insure the title to your property. Just as you insure your property against a fire or other casualty loss, you need to protect your property against challenges to your rightful ownership. Title insurance protects you against unforeseen defects in the chain of your title such as a

Veteran’s Pension Benefits

A commonly overlooked benefit for many seniors is a Veteran’s Pension. People over 65 who served our country during a time of war may be eligible for a Veteran’s Pension. Those Veterans who need assistance with daily living may qualify for an additional benefit called Aid and Attendance Benefits. The current maximum pension benefit with

Estate Dispute Resolved prior to Trial

Often when an estate plan is executed close to the time of death or an estate plan favors one heir over others a will contest will ensue. Unfortunately will contests are expensive to litigate because emotions run high among family members and in the end the estate assets will be depleted and the family relationship

Will your Estate lose Assets in Probate Court?

If you or a loved one should be involved in a contested estate, the result may be that there will not be an Executor to take care of important matters quickly causing a substantial loss of money. In one such case involving a multimillion dollar estate the Judge needed to appoint a probate attorney with

Insurance Coverage for Release of Hazardous Waste

Residential property owners that use oil to heat their homes should be aware of the new protection afforded by the amendment to M.G.L. c. 175, §4D. Many people are under the misconception that a leak in their heating oil storage tank that allows oil to migrate into the ground would be covered by their home

Considering Refinancing a Commerical or Residential Mortgage?

With interest rates near historical lows, are you considering refinancing your commercial or residential mortgage to take advantage of today’s lower interest rates, shorten your term of payments or perhaps take additional equity out for an important project? If so, there are a lot of new things for you to consider in today’s changes lending

Buyers of Foreclosed Homes Tempted by Free Title Insurance

The mortgage foreclosure situation is hectic these days. Many Lenders have sold their loans to other companies or packaged them in security “bundles”, the so-called securitization of mortgages. Many of these loans went into default and have been foreclosed and are now “Bank Owned” properties. Naturally banks are anxious to sell off these properties, frequently