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Protecting a Business from Competitors

There is nothing wrong with competition. However, when an owner of a convenience store realized that an adjacent gas station planned to increase its footprint and include a full service convenience market he became concerned that the ensuing traffic and safety problems would cause havoc in the area and affect his business. The convenience store

When is a Pre-Marital Agreement Appropriate and Enforceable

The purpose of a Pre-Marital Agreement (also known as a Prenuptial Agreement) is to govern the respective rights of two people contemplating marriage in the event of termination of the marriage by death or divorce. Typically a Pre-Marital Agreement is used where there is a significant disparity in the income and/or assets between the parties,

Planning IRA Distributions

Although advance planning is needed to help accumulate the biggest possible nest egg in your traditional IRAs (including SEP-IRAs and SIMPLE-IRAs), it is even more critical that you get help in planning for distributions from these tax-deferred retirement planning vehicles. There are four areas where knowing the ins and outs of the IRA distribution rules

Making Zoning Regulations Work

In the current economy many businesses are looking for new sources of revenue. Recently, Attorney Peter Herbst assisted the owner of a rock and gravel quarry in adding retail sales to his otherwise wholesale business. While the existing zoning regulations prevented any retail sales at the client’s industrial zoned property, Attorney Herbst crafted a text amendment to

Contractor Avoids Liability On An Ambiguous Contract

When a contractor entered into what he believed to be a straightforward contract with a Home Builder for site work relative to the construction of a single family residential home, the contractor ultimately had to seek the services of Attorney Lisa Bond after he was sued for damages. The contract at issue was on a

Nursing Home Costs

Did you know that a Nursing Home in Massachusetts could cost you over $11,000 per month? How fast would that use up your lifetime savings or the assets you were planning on leaving to your children? With proper planning you may be able to save all that money for your spouse and your heirs! With

Another Good Reason to Purchase Owner’s Title Insurance

When purchasing property, there are many reasons to insure the title to your property. Just as you insure your property against a fire or other casualty loss, you need to protect your property against challenges to your rightful ownership. Title insurance protects you against unforeseen defects in the chain of your title such as a

Veteran’s Pension Benefits

A commonly overlooked benefit for many seniors is a Veteran’s Pension. People over 65 who served our country during a time of war may be eligible for a Veteran’s Pension. Those Veterans who need assistance with daily living may qualify for an additional benefit called Aid and Attendance Benefits. The current maximum pension benefit with

Estate Dispute Resolved prior to Trial

Often when an estate plan is executed close to the time of death or an estate plan favors one heir over others a will contest will ensue. Unfortunately will contests are expensive to litigate because emotions run high among family members and in the end the estate assets will be depleted and the family relationship