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Performance Bonds And Priority Of Article 9 Security Interests

The current recession has been particularly difficult for the construction industry. With some projects faltering and credit tight, property owners, contractors and lenders are struggling to assess risk. For construction projects where completion is secured by a performance bond, it is important to understand the basic legal rights of all those concerned. Generally, when a

Commercial Lending Update

The Federal Reserve recently surveyed senior loan officers from 60 large domestic banking institutions and the U.S. agencies of 24 foreign banks. The results: In the fourth quarter of 2008, 87 percent of loan officers said they have tightened their lending standards for commercial real estate loans. Banks are pointing to uncertain economic outlook, a

Cobra Update

The Department of Labor and the Employee Benefits Security Administration have begun enforcing new regulations relating to employee health care continuation coverage under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (“COBRA”). The new federal regulations impose two new notice requirements and modify four existing notice requirements for plan administrators, employers, and qualified beneficiaries under